Mentoring contest 2019

If you wish to realise a dream but have no or limited experience in Project Management, Prefix offers its services to three Project Managers each year and mentors them throughout their initiative.

At the end of the contest, 3 projects will be selected. Two projects will be supported during the initiation phase and one project will be supported on a regular basis throughout the year.

To avoid any confusion, Prefix does not offer money nor will replace you as the Project Manager.

Your project must follow the criteria below:
  • The project must be non-profit-making
  • The objectives of the project must add a value to the harmonisation of the society or to the respect of the environment
  • The project promoter must have no or limited experience in Project Management
To participate to the contest, please entirely fill in the project submission form and return it to

Form: PREFIX_parrainage2019_soumission.docx

The meetings will take place in the Neuchâtel area.

The deadline for the contest is fixed to the 31st of December 2018. The results will be announed in January 2019.