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View of the Maladière football stadium, the finish line of the cycle race, the public and the guest tent


The Tour de Romandie is a Swiss cycling stage race founded in 1947 that is considered as an ideal preparation for the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France that take place later on.

The city of Neuchâtel hosted stages of the Tour de Romandie three times:

  • In 2011, arrival of the 3rd stage
  • In 2014, individual time-trial with a unique arrival on the grass of the Maladière soccer stadium
  • In 2019, prologue downtown Neuchâtel and departure of the 2nd stage

On each of these occasions, the city of Neuchâtel puts in place a local committee that is in charge of the organisation of the event in close collaboration with the authorities and the organization of the race.


  1. Member of the local committee, in charge of the planning and logistics of the stage.
  2. Participation to the coordination meetings with the authorities of the city of Neuchâtel.

Laurent Claude, Président du comité d’organisation local

In our various follies, in our desire to do and be different, the 2014 stage in particular will remain in the annals as something crazy! To be able to welcome the best cyclists in the world in a soccer stadium located above a shopping mall with the help of a ramp about a hundred meters long by breaking a traffic circle for a day … was a challenge that only our region, cradle of watchmaking, could imagine.

This unusual project could not have succeeded without Philippe’s help and experience in project management.

Some said: “They did it because they did not know it was impossible … ” to the impossible no one is held, it is enough to know how to surround oneself!

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